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Albert Almora and Francisco Lindor high five after big catch

Albert Almora and Francisco Lindor high five after big catch

The Mets got a 4-0 win over the Washington Nationals on Sunday, with a solid pitching performance from Taijuan Walker, and two bombs by Pete Alonso and J.D. Davis powering most of the game’s action.

But all anyone could talk about after the game was Albert Almora Jr.‘s huge catch out in center field at the top of the sixth inning.

The Mets were up 4-0 at the time, but the Nats had runners on the corners and Kyle Schwarber up to bat. Despite the two outs and the count at 0-2, Walker was in a bit of a bind, and would have likely seen his day end if something other than an out there were to transpire.

Schwarber took the high 0-2 fastball and sent it deep into center field, with Almora Jr. sprinting back to try to get to the ball. He leapt off his right foot, angled his arm into the perfect position and caught the ball in the air right before slamming his body into the wall.

He saved two potential runs from scoring and in all likelihood, changed the entire outcome of the game with that one play.

“If it was in the ballpark, I knew I was going to catch it,” Almora Jr. said after the game. “…Once I noticed it was going to stay in, I definitely knew I was going to catch it.

“Once I go up, it’s all about catching the ball and just let whatever happens happen. …Catching the ball is the priority. If I get banged up a little bit, it’s alright.”

Almora Jr.’s confidence in making the catch channeled what the other guys had to say about the play during the rest of Sunday’s postgame interviews.

“Almora made a sick catch, probably saved me another inning with that catch,” Walker said. “It’s always good to have your defense behind you making good plays.”

“That was such a sexy catch, I got so fired up,” Alonso said. “I hope that’s on ESPN tonight. …That’s probably one of the top catches I’ve ever seen, that was a special play.”

“That kid is a pro,” Luis Rojas said. “…That’s an example of being ready when you get the call to come in and play.”

Sunday was Almora Jr.’s first start of the season and he certainly made an impression that is sure to last as the Mets continue to play around with their outfield.