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Everyone with the Texas Rangers, from the top of the organization down, has nothing but good things to say about the character of outfielder Adolis Garcia.

It was tested Wednesday night in a 5-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays, though he seems to have rolled along with the punches he took in the seventh inning.

Batting with two outs and two on, Garcia lifted a deep flyball to right-center field at Tropicana Field. The ball appeared to have home-run distance, and many thought the ball had cleared the wall before ricocheting back onto the fieid.

Amid the confusion, Garcia kept running as the ball bounded away from Rays outfielders. He made the turn around third base and dived head-first into home plate, where he was called safe by plate umpire Sam Holbrook.

The play was very close, and so was the debate on whether Garcia’s drive had hit something beyond the outfield wall and caromed back into play.

Tampa Bay asked the umps to review the safe call at home. The umps also took a look at the boundary issue.

Garcia had two opportunities for his first career home run — the traditional over-the-fence homer and the rare inside-the-park homer.

Both calls went against Garcia.

Manager Chris Woodward explained after the game.

“They definitely reviewed the home-run call,” Woodward said. “That was the first thing they looked at. They said it hit the yellow line [atop the wall] and came back. I haven’t seen it up close. I thought on the replay on the board it bounced off something else.

“But on the replay, obviously, that’s not something they’re going to miss. The explanation given to me was that it hit the yellow line, came back on the field, and then they confirmed he was out at the plate.”

The TV broadcast showed Garcia’s reaction. He threw his hands up, but was smiling the whole time.

It was quite an adventure, and the rookie did collect his first career triple in his second start since being called up from the alternate site.

So, he’s got that going for him … which is nice.