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Aaron Rodgers is leaving his safe space.

In the latest sign yet that the woke mob that supposedly wants to “cancel” the Packers quarterback is failing miserably, Rodgers will be one of the four guests on Monday night’s Peyton and Eli show on ESPN2. The likely 2021 MVP bats cleanup, behind Bill Cowher, Roger Goodell, and Snoop Dogg.

Whether Rodgers will be pressed to clean up some of the misinformation he has spewed in recent weeks regarding the pandemic remains to be seen. Most recently, Rodgers blurred the lines between opinion and fact regarding the safety and effectiveness of the COVID vaccine.

Rodgers rarely if ever puts himself in a position where he’ll be fairly challenged for the things he says. Although Pat McAfee and A.J. Hawk have been criticized in some circles for giving Rodgers a long leash every Tuesday during football season, that leash has on more than one occasion actually been a rope, whether McAfee and Hawk intended it or not. Indeed, if Rodgers didn’t have a place where he felt comfortable saying whatever he felt like saying without anyone saying anything negative about the things he says, he wouldn’t be saying anything at all.

Some would say it would be better if he said nothing at all, because his opinions will embolden others to cling to positions that defy their own best interests and/or nudge anyone who remains undecided on the COVID vaccine (if anyone does indeed remain undecided) to decide not to get it.

The Manningcast likely will be neither a safe space nor a crucible for debate. It’ll likely be light and fun and breezy, with no talk of COVID or anything remotely controversial, like how Rodgers lied to everyone about being vaccinated by playing a deliberate word game. Maybe Peyton or Eli will make a sarcastic remark that Rodgers will laugh about, even if deep down he resents it. And if either of the Mannings dares to go to far, Rodgers will be able to whine the next afternoon that the woke mob got to the Mannings and forced them to ask tough questions, for fear of being canceled by those who believe that Rodgers is never held truly accountable for the things he says.

Aaron Rodgers will appear on this week’s Manningcast originally appeared on Pro Football Talk