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  • An FIA Karting European Championship race was held in rainy conditions on Saturday.

  • The drivers ranged in age from 11 to 15.

  • The wet track sent a dozen karts flying into the barrier in a pile-up, but all the drivers were okay.

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A go-kart race in Belgium was forced to stop on Saturday after rainy conditions sent a dozen young drivers careening into the barriers.

According to 7 News Australia, the pile-up occurred during the qualifying heat of a race held by the FIA Karting European Championship, which featured drivers ages 11 to 15. The drivers started out on slick racing tires, but a sudden downpour quickly changed track conditions, making it nearly impossible to stay on the track around a tight right turn.

“The rain is absolutely pelting down and I would not at all be surprised – oh my goodness, there are karts going off everywhere,” the commentator said. “We need to stop the race, we need to stop the race here. Oh dear, oh dear. I think it’s time to stop the race.”

Red flags stopped every kart still on the track as the scene was cleaned up. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the pile-up, according to 7 News Australia.

After a reset, all the drivers involved in the collision were able to get back out on the track, this time with tires designed to handle the slippery track conditions.

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