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Blake Snell has been at the forefront of Major League Baseball-related content since the abrupt end to Spring Training and postponement of the start of the season. Snell is an avid gamer and also a streamer, giving fans the opportunity to watch him play and also interact with him.

His personality is perfect for this platform, so it was no surprise that MLB tapped him to take part in an MLB Players Tournament, a 4-player video game event taking place on MLB the Show. Snell beat Hunter Pence to advance to the championship game, where he ultimately lost to Amir Garrett.

The Players Tournament turned into the Players League, where representatives from each of the 30 big league clubs played against each other in a round robin style tournament. This time around, Snell won the whole damn thing. If he wasn’t already, Blake Snell is now a household name for baseball fans across the country.

After a historic 2018 season that earned Snell the AL Cy Young award, 2019 was not smooth sailing for the lefty. It included a mishap with bathroom furniture that landed him on the IL, a start at Yankee Stadium that saw him give up 7 earned runs while only recording one out, and an elbow surgery that put him out of commission until right before the end of the regular season.

Watching Snell throughout last year, I always believed that Snell’s stuff looked just as good, if not better than it did in 2018. I am no pitching expert, but Brian Menendez is. He came on the show to break down some of the statistics that show how good Snell still was in 2019, and what fans can expect out of him in 2020 and beyond.

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