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Wherever he plays in 2021, Julio Jones is guaranteed to make $15.3 million. You can try to make some money based on where that will be.

PointsBet has posted odds for the next team the Falcons receiver will play for.

The favorite is the 49ers, at +450. Next come the Colts and Chargers, at +475 each. The Ravens follow at +600.

The Patriots have +700 odds, and the Titans land at +1000. The Packers, who could use Jones as the ultimate Aaron Rodgers olive branch, stand at +1200.

Next are the Cardinals and Raiders at +2500 each, the Browns at +3000, the Chiefs at +3500, and the Saints and Dolphins at +4000 each.

The Falcons clearly want to trade Jones. The challenge becomes finding a partner, especially since that partner may want the Falcons to pay a large chunk of his salary.

49ers, Colts, Chargers among the betting favorites for the next Julio Jones destination originally appeared on Pro Football Talk