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Women have not always been considered funny. I know, I can’t believe it either. Society has made important steps in appreciating women’s inherent humor, despite stand-up comedy still being traditionally dominated by cisgender, straight, white men. But, women and nonbinary comedians are some of the funniest people alive—correction: the funniest people alive. And now that lesbian comedians are able to be more open about their queerness, it’s about damn time to celebrate both familiar funny faces and get acquainted with some new comics.

After most comedy clubs temporarily closed in 2020, the future of stand-up seemed uncertain—and, uh, not so funny. But, luckily, there are so many more ways for comedians to share their sense of humor with the world. They can create videos on TikTok like Grace Kuhlenschmidt or tweet out jokes like Sarah Schauer. Thanks to social media, comedians don’t have to rely on traditional mediums, like booking a spot on late night shows or writing on Saturday Night Live, to reach an audience.

And, while methods might change over time, the impact humor has on society endures. “Comedy is a powerful tool, not just to make people laugh, but to connect them and give a platform and microphone to those traditionally underrepresented, [enabling them] to speak from a place of authenticity and humor,” says Raina Deerwater, Entertainment Research & Analysis Manager at GLAAD. “As a lesbian, there is something profound about hearing these jokes and stories from queer comedians that allow us to honestly reflect on our lived and, often, absurd shared human experiences.”

Queer comedians are pushing the boundaries of comedy by making light of all that it is to be human—the good, the bad, and the ugly. “Right now, the LGBTQ community, specifically the trans community, is facing an escalating assault on our equality,” notes Deerwater. “Comedy can be used as a necessary source of relief in hard times… [and] that is so needed right now.” So, if you need a chuckle—and tbh, you probably do—look no further than these 32 women and nonbinary queer comedians to add more laughter into your day: