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JP took a field trip to BUCS CAMP TODAY and we jump off into that. We recap the huge game 3 tilt for the Bruins-Bolts. However, We also open the show with some heartfelt messages from us to you on what’s happening with the sports world with “boycotts and protests.” We also have Tampa Bay Buccaneers audio from head coach Bruce Arians, Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper and a couple more of the “Bolts boys”. Not to mention we have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers veteran RB Lesean Mccoy giving his two cents in his press conference. Will the Rays play tonight?

At 3:45, Kevin Weiss from “Locked On Rays” Podcast joins the show to talk some rays! What’s happening to the Rays? Injury bugs? ANYONE HAVE A PITCHER WE COULD HAVE? Tune in to hear what JP and Kevin have to say about Rays Baseball.

At 4:15, we have James Pytralka of Fox Sports joining the show to talk some NFL Football. How are fox sports going about all that is happening currently in the sports world? Is the NFL the “lead by example” major sport league? Is fox sports going to show the anthem this upcoming season for football? What is James’s thoughts on the Bucs training camp so far? Does big daddy Tom Brady take the Bucs to the promise land? James and JP breakdown their thoughts on some NFL FOOTBALL! Tune in!!

At 4:30, Ian Hartitz from Pro Football Focus joins the show to talk some fantasy football!! What are some tips for drafting? Is there any model we should use or should we let the draft come to us? What are some guys Ian is looking at for sleepers? You might be surprised or elated to hear what Ian has to say! We also JUMP ON BOARD with those Buccaneers!! Check this interview out!


At 5:15, 31 year serviced New Jersey police officer, Manny Carrillo, joins the show to give us a policeman’s prospective on what’s going on in today’s world. Manny shares past experiences and gives his two cents about police brutality. 31 years experience, you might want to listen and take some mental notes!!!

At 5:30, Jeff Stanislow from Chief Marketing Strategies jumps on the show to talk the business side of sports. Will fans be allowed in the stadiums? Jeff break down the logistics of how much money the NFL would lose/gain. Advertising dollars shifting to the NFL? Jeff and JP discuss what that means and much more during this interview about Sport Business.

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