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Each week HuskerOnline is going to bring you a look on a side of the football with their latest Big Board.

This week we bring you the offensive board as the Huskers work their way through official visitors, summer campers, unofficial visitors and recruits coming in for private, individual workouts.

Quarterback (1):

Richard Torres – San Antonio, TX (Nebraska commit)(Official visit to Nebraska – June 4)

QB thoughts – The quarterback position took the path that it seemed most likely to go. Nebraska was very good about bringing in their top guy. They also let Torres know about their plans and then scheduled an official visit with A.J. Bianco once Torres left Nebraska uncommitted. Based on what Torres told me he knew that he wanted to be a Husker when he left Nebraska. He was going to go to the other camps that he was scheduled to go to as well as the visit to Kansas State and then make a commitment to Nebraska ahead of Bianco coming in that next weekend. This was executed perfectly by Nebraska.

Early Look QB Big Board:

2023 Recruit: Reese Mooney – Denham Springs, LA (Spring Game visitor)

2024 Recruit: Dylan Raiola – Burleson, TX (Friday Night Lights camp)


Thoughts – I caught up with Mooney last week to see how June was going for him. He said Nebraska told him about Raiola and he asked me about him. He said to me, “He’s a good player. I love the competition.” As if Nebraska fans needed another reason to fall in love with Mooney.

Running Back (1-2):

Ashton Hayes – Reno, NV (Official visit to Nebraska – June 11)

1. Justin Williams – Dallas, GA (Official visit to Nebraska – June 4)

RB thoughts – What a difference a week makes here. The Huskers were looking like they would have to wait until November to hear if Justin Williams was going to come to Lincoln or not. Instead, Nebraska brings in Hayes, who was flying way under the radar. Hayes left Lincoln just like Chase Androff and Torres knowing that he was going to be a Husker sooner before later.

I have expanded the number at the position from 1 to 1-2. I can’t see Nebraska turning Williams away unless there are some key injuries or more attrition potentially. For right now consider Nebraska to be done. See what NU does though to accommodate Williams if he wants in later this fall. ========================================================================

Early Look RB Big Board:

2023 Recruit: John Randle Jr. – Wichita, KS

2024 Recruit: No known offers at this time


Thoughts – Randle is a big-time talent with some impressive pedigree. His uncle played in the NFL and his father played at Kansas. They were both running backs. Randle is potentially a five-star player in a border state.

Wide Receiver (2-3):

Victor Jones – Orlando, FL (Nebraska commit) (Official visit to Nebraska – September)

Grant Page – Boulder, CO (Nebraska commit) (Spring Game visitor) (Official visit to Nebraska – June 11)


1. Landon Samson – Southlake, TX (Spring Game visitor) (Official visit to Nebraska – June 4)

WR thoughts –Nebraska was able to secure a commitment from Grant Page on Father’s Day. The question is now is: Can Nebraska take one more here? Page said during his commitment interview that Nebraska was up-front with him about things currently in the class. He knows that Nebraska is limited because of Covid with the number of players they will take in the 2022 class.

However, Nebraska has told Page that if they can get another one they may take another receiver. I have to believe that Samson is that guy and our sources tell us it’s unlikely he’s going to pick up a high-profile in-state offer that might sway him to stay home.


Early Look WR Big Board:

2023 Recruit: Shelton Sampson – Baton Rouge, LA (Spring Game visitor)

2024 Recruit: Davevonn Hall – Bellevue, NE (Friday Night Lights camp)

Thoughts – Sampson is friends with QB Mooney and traveled to Nebraska for the spring game together. It would be quite the coup to pull both of these guys into the 2023 class. Circle Hall’s name and underline it twice…he’s THAT important to the 2024 class for Nebraska. Raiola to Hall for the touchdown has a nice ring to it. We got to see it live in action this past Friday night.

Tight End (1):

1. Chase Androff – Lakeville, MN (Nebraska commit) (Official visit to Nebraska – June 4)

TE thoughts – Until about this time last week Gabe Burkle was still planning on taking his official visit to Nebraska. That all changed by mid-week with Nebraska pulling the plug on adding another tight end in the 2022 class to go with Androff. It seems that Austin Terry probably knew the score. He went from very easy to reach following the spring game to unreachable once Androff was in. Seemed pretty clear to me that Terry would have snapped up the one spot if he would have gotten a chance to take a trip. He quickly committed to Boise State this past week.


Early Look TE Big Board:

2023 Recruit: Ben BrahmerPierce, NE (Nebraska commit) (Spring Game visitor) (Friday Night Lights camp)

2024 Recruit: No known offers at this time

Thoughts – Nebraska is on the board early in the 2023 class with Brahmer. Huge get for the Huskers as Nebraska was the second school to offer the in-state standout.

Offensive Line (3):

Center (1)

1. (OT) John Pastore – Erie, CO (Individual Workout – June 4)(Nebraska camp – June 19)


Offensive Guard or Offensive Guard/Offensive Tackle (1-2)

1A. (OG/OT) Valen Erickson – Chicago, IL (Spring Game visitor) (Official visit to Nebraska – June 4)

1B. (OG/OT) Ashton Craig – Lawrenceburg, IN (Official visit to Nebraska – June 4)


3. (OG) D.J. Moore – Fort Wayne, IN


Offensive Tackle (1-2)

1. (OT) Lucas Heyer – Maplewood, MN (Spring Game visitor)

2. (OT) Jake Maikkula – Highlands Ranch, CO (Spring Game visitor) (Official visit to Nebraska – June 21)

3. (OT) Braden Miller – Centennial, CO


OL thoughts – There is a little bit of movement here but not a lot. The two early official visitors for Nebraska, Craig and Erickson, have gone quiet. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there is just an “EDGY Tim” commitment story for Erickson that comes out of left field.

He has drummed up some additional interest since his official visit to Nebraska with an offer from Illinois and Missouri. I haven’t heard if he will even take the official visit to Tennessee or not this weekend. The Huskers host one of their top tackles with Maikkula in town for a mid-week official visit. I really think that Nebraska would have preferred to bring in Heyer and then Maikkula but Heyer is tough to get a read on and is going through the process his own way.

I have carved out a third category for center where Pastore is the only guy listed. He really looks the part and I think that the Huskers would take him if he wanted in. If he wants it that will likely put some pressure on either or both of the other two spots I have listed. I could see Nebraska taking just two linemen and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were both inside.

Consider Nebraska’s success at recruiting the offensive tackle position the last three years as a big reason. The Huskers have landed a Rivals250 each of the last three years. That appears to be a streak that will end with this class. If things remain quiet and Nebraska doesn’t close out a commit or two from this group then I could see Kale Krogh or Henry Rickels as possible offer guys. NU also worked out a couple of top JUCO guys they will keep tabs on in Iowa Central tackle Maximus McCree and El Dorado (Kan.) Butler C.C. center Seth Falley.


Early Look OL Big Board:

2023 Recruit: Cayden GreenLee’s Summit, MO (Spring practice visitor) and Kadyn Proctor – Pleasant Hill, IA

2024 Recruit: No known offers at this time

Thoughts – Cayden and Kadyn in 2023? That would be a dream. Both are R100 players. Proctor could be in the argument for the best in the nation not just at his position but out of everyone. The Huskers have offered both and opened Green’s eyes when he was in Lincoln this April.

What direction will Greg Austin's offensive line class go in 2022?
What direction will Greg Austin’s offensive line class go in 2022? (Sean Callahan)


What a difference a week makes. The Huskers land a quarterback, running back and wide receiver to go along with shutting down all additional activity at the tight end position.

I am still of the opinion that Nebraska could just take one running back and two wide receivers in this class and be happy about it. But, there is definitely some pressure to be productive and a guy like Justin Williams in the running back room may help with some of that.

There is not a lot of churn happening with the offensive linemen and it’s starting to concern me. I think that Nebraska could take as many as three across all of the spots but wouldn’t surprise me again if it’s just two and save a spot for another skill position guy. Pastore and Maikkula are planning to commit in the coming weeks. The class as far as the needs go could be shut down by the end of the month of July. After that, you could be just trying to add some additional firepower at a skill position or another big offensive lineman.