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Andy Behrens reacts to the Denver Broncos‘ selection of running back Javonte Williams, and what fantasy impact the rookie will have in Year 1.

Denver Broncos draft Javonte Williams, RB, North Carolina

Sorry, Melvin Gordon truthers — the Broncos just added another talented runner to the backfield. Denver traded up in the second round to select North Carolina’s Javonte Williams, one of the highest-graded prospects at the position.

Andy Behrens, in the video above, discusses Williams’ chances at making a fantasy impact in Year 1 — and it’s not a great outlook in 2021.

Pros: Head-shaking contact balance; an aggressive runner who doesn’t just break tackles but busts them; strikingly elusive

(Per PFF, Williams recorded the most forced missed tackles at the highest rate among any college running back in the last 7 years)

Cons: Sufficient but not eye-popping long speed; never commanded a full workload in college

NFL Comp: Nick Chubb at his ceiling. David Montgomery at his floor.

Note: Pros, cons and NFL comp are from Liz Loza